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We can leverage our global network of leaders in health and medical education or work with your team to create and deliver high quality health education and skills training.

From anaesthesia to general practice and nursing, we provide scaled, tangible ways to help elevate and educate health professionals all over the world, all available through the one partner.

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Solutions Tailored for You

Solutions Tailored for You

At Talisium, our training platform enables health employers and professionals to access thousands of health courses to upskill and stay current. Our world-class health-related courses developed by leading professional and academic partners provide high-quality, low-cost ongoing skills development.

Online learning

Complete courses from globally recognised institutions from wherever you are with an internet connection.

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Onsite Training

Upskill staff to your exacting standards with onsite training delivered by Talisium certified trainers and assessors.

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Future Workforce

Imagine a future workforce that has been independently trained, assessed and certified to your specific requirements.

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High Quality Courses from Leading Organisations

We believe in excellence

Dr R Subhashini

We have a good time and experience by doing the practicals

Mr Rafi Baig Mirza

Good assessments and it made us think

Ms PD Deepa

Really useful and good learning

Ms V Jyothi

Theory and practical are well balanced

Mr G Madhusudhan Rao

The way you give demonstrations is very good and very easy to understand

Dr Hardik Shah

An awesome programme giving us very new information and knowledge.

Mr. Sundresh HM

This is a very useful course and is fantastic.

Mr Sateesh Kumar Kama

It was an awesome experience, very useful information

Mr. Sumitchauhan

The program is very good and all the trainers make it successful. When the program was started I had no understanding about that but now I do. I think it is a great program.

Dr S Ravi

The course will help us to bring excellent change in our organisation as well as in our country. It is one of a kind.

Dr P Deepak Kumar

The instructors were great. They were perfect – no negative feedback whatsoever

Dr Tiameren Jamir

Talisium is a very professional institute to work with. We would love to take this course to the rest of the country. This country needs it.

Dr Amit Malviya

All instructors were fantastic and helpful and did hard work to teach us

Mr. Pakeeru Das

This course definitely brings some change in us which can help us in saving lives.

LtCol Reddy

Excellent course, my sincere appreciation to all instructors for wonderful coaching

Ms Hemavathy B N

Really useful in critical situations, thank you for teaching this

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