Talisium can Source, Train, Assess and Certify healthcare workers for our public and private healthcare employer partners.  

TalisIUM Certification Program™

If you want to up-skill your existing healthcare workforce, our team of international educators can develop specific courses and programs complete with independent assessment and certification.

Health workers from any discipline can undertake a Talisium Certification Program™ course  such as the Talisium International Diploma in Foundation Nursing Skills, which trains, assesses and certifies qualified nurses against more than 165 performance criteria designed to provide a common standard of competence enabling graduates to provide higher levels of care whether in their own country or abroad. 

Developed globally, these courses are delivered through our best-in-class local training partners and tailored for cultural and language requirements.

At Talisium we believe in Employer Integrated Training.  This means that we work closely with our client partners to tailor specific courses and programs for their specific needs.  Every Talisium Certification Program™ therefore features a high level of customisation integrated with the needs of our public and private healthcare employer partners.