Accounts v is where you can search, review and purchase courses.  When you sign up to purchase courses via you will receive a username and password. Please note that these may be different to your username and password needed to log in and access your courses at is your dedicated eLearning portal where you will be able to access your courses, personal profile, certificates and learning history.

If you change or reset your password for one of these sites, it will not change or reset it for the other portal.

For convenience, we recommend that you set the same username and password for both and

How do I edit my profile within my portal?

Your profile determines what information other users can see about you in a course. It’s also where you choose how you want to receive emails, edit default forum preferences and edit text.

When you’re first enrolled in a course, the system creates a personal profile for you.

You can:

  • add an image of yourself, or an avatar, or any other image, which will display next to your contributions.
  • add information about yourself and your interests.
  • specify whether your profile should display your email address to others.

Click on account settings under your user profile and click on ‘Edit profile’ on right. Then, make any changes you wish and click on ‘Update profile’ at the bottom.

Finding Courses

Find a Course

You can use Talisium’s catalog or the search tool to find courses that fit your interests.

When you find a course you’re interested in, click the title to learn more about the course. From the information page, you can purchase and enrol in that course or request more information.

Browse the catalog

Talisium’s catalog lists all courses that we offer. You can browse by subject areas (we call these Collections); sub-topics and by Content Provider.

In the topics search, the Collection is listed first, then sub-topics within that Collection.  Some individual courses might also be part of Learning Plans.

Because our catalog lists all our courses, you might see ones that are only available for face to face delivery or only available in certain countries.

Search for a course

If you know the topic or title of the course you’re interested in, you can use the search bar at the top of the search page.

From the search results page, you can use the filters on the left-hand side to find courses that better refine your options.


How do I enrol in a course?

Only students that have been registered with Talisium by their employer or university can enrol in courses on Talisium.  If you want to enrol in courses but are not registered then ask your employer or university to contact Talisium directly.

How can I find a course to take?

You can search the thousands of courses by collection or by topic based on your needs.  You can also search by keyword which might return more results for relevant courses.

When will I get access to my course?

Your course will appear in your dashboard within 48 hours.

Where do I find my course?

You will find your course in your dashboard at

Why can’t I enrol in a course?

Because of the specialist nature of many of our courses, you must first be registered by your employer as a qualified health professional.  Once you have been enrolled in our system you will be able to enrol in courses. Your HR or Learning & Development Manager can contact us here.

Course Certificates

See your Course Certificates

You can see all the Course Certificates you’ve earned on your dashboard within your talisiumlearning portal. From there, you can download, print, or share your Certificates.

To access your Certificates, click on account settings under your user profile within your talisiumlearning portal and then click on ‘My certificates’ tab to view or download your certificates and ‘My badges’ tab to view or download your badges. You can also view your issued certificates from the left side navigation under ‘Courses & Curriculum’.

A Course Certificate includes:

  • Your name
  • The course name
  • The logo of the Content Provider offering the course, if the Content Provider includes it
  • A unique certificate number that can be verified by contacting Talisium to confirm the Certificate’s authenticity
  • The Course or session duration to support a claim to your respective licensing body for recognition of continuing professional development
  • Date of Issue

A Course Certificate does not include:

  • Academic credit from the Content Provider offering the course
  • The final grade you got in the course
  • Your ID photo
  • A printed or mailed copy of the Course Certificate. Certificates are provided as downloadable PDF files, which you can print yourself. You can also share them electronically.

Unfortunately, Talisium cannot provide course Certificates with any more information than they already include.

Your Certificate for a course will be in English. Talisium cannot provide translated Certificates.

Academic or professional credit

Unless otherwise clearly indicated on the enrolment page, Talisium Certificates do not provide professional or academic credits and cannot be used for the purpose of obtaining membership or fellowship of any professional medical association.

Talisium Certificates are provided under licence and are not issued by the respective Content Provider.


Pay for an individual course

Some courses are available for a one-time fee. Some courses that are part of Learning Plans are only offered through subscription payments. You can’t make a one-time payment for a course on a subscription model.

To pay for or subscribe to a course:

  1. Open the home page for the course you want to pay for
  2. Click Sign Up Now
  3. Follow the payment instructions.
International payments

You can make payments on Talisium using an approved method in your country. Course prices are always displayed in $USD.  To check the approximate cost in your local currency you can use the dropdown box where the price is indicated.

Please note that regardless of what currency you select from the dropdown box, the final price charged will be in $USD.

Employers and Business

How can my organisation benefit from Talisium?

Talisium’s business partnerships are critical to the success of our innovative model. We primarily work with organisations in three ways:

  1. As Curriculum Partners, co-developing interactive eLearning programs for your students or employees. Organisations receive access to the Talisium platform to showcase subject matter expertise, build visibility, and enhance thought leadership. This also contributes to nurturing a uniquely qualified talent pipeline, and encourages product and offering usage. For students, this represents an unrivaled opportunity to learn the most-cutting edge skills from the brands leading the vanguard in technology and innovation.
  2. Corporate Training. Talisium short micro skills courses have emerged as THE way to provide a simple, convenient, high quality continuing professional development program, so it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to want to train/upskill/reskill their own internal teams using our platform.
  3. Talent Sourcing. Talisium Employment Pathway graduates emerge uniquely qualified to fill critical roles with our Employer Partners, and as our career pathway services grow, we are increasingly able to present businesses with a consistent source of high quality talent.
Whom do I contact if I’m an employer that is interested in hiring Talisium students?

Thank you for your interest in Talisium and our students! Please contact us here.

I'd like my employees to take some Talisium courses. How can I purchase seats?

Please contact us here with details specifying group size, timeline and courses and a talisium staff member will be in touch to schedule a phone call.

There are a few of us in my company who would like to take a the same course. Can we sign-up as a group?

Talisium offers volume discounts starting at 30 people per group. Please ask your company to contact us for further information.

My company wants to pay for my Talisium courses but doesn't want to input a credit card to my account. What are my options?

Please ask your L&D or HR division to contact us directly to discuss payment options.

Troubleshooting Problems with Talisium

Solve Problems with Talisium

If you’re having problems connecting to Talisium, first:

  • Check your Internet connection
  • Try clearing your cache and cookies
  • Try waiting a few minutes before re-connecting to Talisium
  • Check our System Requirements
System Requirements

Internet Browsers

  • Google Chrome (32 bit version 38 or later).
  • Mozilla Firefox (35.0 or later).
  • Safari (8 or later – Mac users).

Note: Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.

Browser Settings

It is recommended that the following be enabled:

  • Cookies
  • Pop-ups
  • JavaScript
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash Playe

Workplace IT environments’ internal configurations may restrict the functionality. Access to content may be affected. Workplaces may also have older versions of software, and Talisium platform may not perform well with these.

Clear your cache and cookies

If you’re having a technical issue with Talisium, you may be able to resolve it by clearing your cache and cookies, because it’s the first step to try solving problems on Talisium.

Clearing your cache and cookies can help resolve issues like:

  • Incorrect or missing content on your Accomplishments page
  • Incorrect or missing course progress
  • Incorrect or missing courses in your Enrollments

Clear your cache & cookies on a Mac computer

  1. Open your internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome.
  2. At the same time, press Command-Shift-Delete.

Clear your cache & cookies on a Windows computer

  1. Open your internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome.
  2. At the same time, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete.

Clear your cache & cookies using browser settings

Most internet browsers have menu options that let you clear your cache and cookies.

After you clear your cache and cookies

After you clear your cache and cookies, you’ll need to re-enter your Talisium login information. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on Forgotten username or password link on the login page.

Once you’ve logged into your Talisium account, you can check to see if your issue is resolved. If you still need help, send a support request to [email protected] and we will sort it out for you quickly.

Try an incognito browser

After you clear your cache and cookies, you’ll need to re-enter your Talisium login information. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on Forgotten username or password link on the login page.


Once you’ve logged into your Talisium account, you can check to see if your issue is resolved. If you still need help, send a support request to [email protected] and we will sort it out for you quickly.  

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