Work with a primary health care approach

This micro skills course applies to support workers in a residential or community context. Work performed requires a range of well developed skills where some discretion and judgement is required. Workers will take responsibility for their own outputs under direct or indirect supervision.

Delivery Mode
Workplace and On-Campus
Course Duration
30-60 minutes
Course Type
Yes, on completion
Course Code
Content Provider

What will I learn?

  1. Support and facilitate the involvement of the client and the community in the planning and provision of services according to instruction of supervising allied health professional
  2. Promote good health and a preventive approach to maintaining health as part of own work role
  3. Demonstrate recognition of and support for the importance of access and equity in provision of health services in line with own work role
  4. Reflect evidence based practice in own provision of health care services


  • This skills course may contain references to Australian laws, regulations, policies and practice guidelines.
  • You should apply the lessons within the context of your local environment.
  • This skills course may not be available in your country.
  • This skills course is delivered by a certified Talisium trainer and assessor in your workplace and requires active student participation including practical skills demonstrations for assessment.

What should I know before commencing this?

Provide relevant information to patients. Prepare the therapy session. Provide assistance with the therapy session. Use therapy equipment correctly and safely. Feedback appropriate therapy information to supervising allied health professional. Assist in the design and construction of simple therapy materials and equipment. Complete the required administrative duties.