Handle medication contingencies

This micro skills course describes the skills and knowledge required to prepare for and provide medication assistance, and complete medication documentation. It also involves supporting a client to self-administer medication. This micro skills course applies to community services and health workers with authority in their state or territory to assist with the administration of medication.

Delivery Mode
Workplace and On-Campus
Course Duration
30-60 minutes
Course Type
Yes, on completion
Course Code
Content Provider

What will I learn?

  1. Report any concerns with the administration of medication to supervisor and/or health professional according to organisation procedures and protocols
  2. Identify, report, record and address individual€™s reactions to medication according to organisation guidelines and health professional€™s instructions
  3. Clearly identify contaminated or out of date medication and implement organisation€™s procedures for safe and appropriate disposal
  4. Identify, report and record changes in individual€™s condition, within essential timeframes where relevant, according to organisation guidelines
  5. Identify procedures to address/respond to changes in the client€™s condition or needs according to the organisation€™s guidelines
  6. Promptly report any inconsistencies observed with the medication or client to the supervisor or health professional and take action according to their direction
  7. Document and address all inconsistencies according to organisation guidelines and procedures


  • This skills course may contain references to Australian laws, regulations, policies and practice guidelines.
  • You should apply the lessons within the context of your local environment.
  • This skills course may not be available in your country.
  • This skills course is delivered by a certified Talisium trainer and assessor in your workplace and requires active student participation including practical skills demonstrations for assessment.

What should I know before commencing this?

Prepare to assist with medication. Prepare the client for assistance with the administration of medication. Support patients with administration of medication.