Establish systems to develop trust and confidence

This micro skills course describes the skills and knowledge required to gather information and maintain effective relationships and networks, with particular regard to communication and representation. This micro skills course applies to individuals who use leadership skills including motivation, mentoring and coaching to develop efficient, effective and unified teams and facilitate communication between team members and management of the organisation. This micro skills course defines skills, knowledge and outcomes required to use leadership to promote team cohesion. It includes motivating, mentoring, coaching and developing the team and forming the bridge between the management of the organisation and team members. This micro skills course applies to team leaders, supervisors and new or emerging managers where leadership plays a role in developing and maintaining effective workplace relationships. It applies in any industry or community context. At this level work will normally be carried out within routine and non-routine methods and procedures, which require planning and evaluation and leadership and guidance of others.

Delivery Mode
Workplace and On-Campus
Course Duration
30-60 minutes
Course Type
Yes, on completion
Course Code
Content Provider

What will I learn?

  1. Establish and/or implement policies to ensure that the organisation€™s cultural diversity and ethical values are adhered to
  2. Gain and maintain the trust and confidence of colleagues and external contacts through professional conduct
  3. Adjust own interpersonal communication styles to meet the organisation€™s cultural diversity and ethical environment and guide and support the work team in their personal adjustment process


  • This skills course may contain references to Australian laws, regulations, policies and practice guidelines.
  • You should apply the lessons within the context of your local environment.
  • This skills course may not be available in your country.
  • This skills course is delivered by a certified Talisium trainer and assessor in your workplace and requires active student participation including practical skills demonstrations for assessment.

What should I know before commencing this?

Manage ideas and information