Develop strategies to address people€™s specific trauma needs

This micro skills course describes the skills and knowledge required to promote trauma informed care, and to develop strategies to address people€™s specific trauma needs. Trauma informed care involves providing services that are informed by the knowledge and understanding of the impact of trauma, in particular interpersonal violence and varying service practice to reduce the likelihood of re-traumatisation. This micro skills course applies to work with people with mental illness in a range of community services work contexts.

Delivery Mode
Workplace and On-Campus
Course Duration
30-60 minutes
Course Type
Yes, on completion
Course Code
Content Provider

What will I learn?

  1. Collaboratively identify a person€™s specific trauma needs
  2. Determine capacity of the service to respond to people€™s trauma issues
  3. Identify with the person, their need for specialist trauma services and support
  4. Provide information on a range of services and available supports and foster choice and control for the person
  5. Apply accepted procedures to evaluate the options of bringing in specialist support and/or appropriate referral
  6. Facilitate and support referral for specialist trauma services for the person, with consent
  7. Follow-up referral to ensure person€™s needs are being met


  • This skills course may contain references to Australian laws, regulations, policies and practice guidelines.
  • You should apply the lessons within the context of your local environment.
  • This skills course may not be available in your country.
  • This skills course is delivered by a certified Talisium trainer and assessor in your workplace and requires active student participation including practical skills demonstrations for assessment.

What should I know before commencing this?

Work in trauma informed ways