Complete medication distribution and administration

This micro skills course describes the skills and knowledge required to administer medications to people and monitor them, as per the delegation from a relevant health professional, in accordance with legislation and the employing organisation€™s medication and delegation policies and practice. This micro skills course applies to community services and health workers with the relevant authority in their state or territory to administer medication and monitor them as per the delegation from a relevant health professional.
Ongoing requirements to demonstrate competency in drug calculations may apply, and users should refer to relevant state/territory regulatory requirements.

Delivery Mode
Workplace and On-Campus
Course Duration
30-60 minutes
Course Type
Yes, on completion
Course Code
Content Provider

What will I learn?

  1. Manage medication equipment and used containers according to infection control guidelines
  2. Complete arrangements and procedures to replenish dose administration aids and supplies
  3. Store medication charts, care plans and treatment sheets according to the organisation€™s procedures
  4. Complete medication storage procedures in compliance with legislation and own role responsibility


  • This skills course may contain references to Australian laws, regulations, policies and practice guidelines.
  • You should apply the lessons within the context of your local environment.
  • This skills course may not be available in your country.
  • This skills course is delivered by a certified Talisium trainer and assessor in your workplace and requires active student participation including practical skills demonstrations for assessment.

What should I know before commencing this?

Identify situations that are a potential risk to the safe administration of medications. Prepare for medication administration. Identify and prepare the patient for administration of medication. Administer medications within legal parameters. Monitor client reponse to adminstered medication. Handle medication contingencies.