12 Lead ECG – Back to Basics

This online Short Course introduces the foundations of reading a 12 Lead ECG. The 12 Lead ECG can be daunting and sometimes we just don’t get enough practice reading them. This course will provide an overview of the physiology and electrical activity of the heart, the identifiers of a normal sinus rhythm, explore electrode placement for various leads and outline a systematic approach to reading the 12 Lead ECG.


Delivery Mode
Online - Self Paced
Course Duration
4 hours
Course Type
Yes, on completion
Course Code
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What will I learn?

  1. Outline the physiology and electrical activity of the heart
  2. Recognise normal sinus rhythm and common cardiac arrhythmias
  3. Identify a systematic approach to reading a 12 Lead ECG
  4. Describe ECG lead systems and placement
  5. Describe troubleshooting strategies for ECG tracings


Undertaking this course enables students to meet their Continuing Professional Development obligations and industry update requirements in their profession. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and a CQUniversity Certificate of Completion.